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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]rees are blooming, birds are singing and the sun is shining! It’s Springtime, finally, which usually means engagement session season for me! I send my In His Image Brides a bridal guide that includes several sections of planning the perfect engagement session, but I thought this post would be helpful for every bride who may be wondering what to wear for her session!

I love engagement sessions, not quite as much as weddings, but still, you get the point. They are the perfect time for me to get to know every single one of my couples. But for me, it’s more than the get to know you stage, usually by the end of their sessions, my couples feel like another one of my friends. Exactly how I like it to be!

I make it a point to educate every couple in the importance of what to wear, because they want to get the very best out of their experience! And let’s face it, they invest a lot in me so I am committed to give them the best!!

Here are 5 tips I give to every IHI couple when planning their engagement session:

  1. Above all, make sure you’re comfortable
    No, that doesn’t mean show up in yoga pants or sweats. You probably know best that if you love your outfit, you’re going to show up feeling more confident. I always am sure to ask my couples to send me pictures of their outfits so I can help ensure they’ll look their very best. If you love the way that dress looks on you, wear it! If he’s more comfortable in one pair of khakis than another, wear them! It will make a world of difference if you show up feeling comfortable and confident in what you have on!!
  2. Coordinate, don’t match
    It can be hard to get out of the matchy/matchy mindset, but trust me! Coordinating is SO much better than trying to find the same color to match your significant other. If you have a subtly blue in your floral dress, try and find the same blue for his solid shirt. It makes things a lot easier when planning your outfits!! 
  3. Neutrals Photograph the best 
    Sometimes we want to think that neutrals tend to wash us out, but the truth is, neutrals are what help make those light and airy portraits beautiful! Sure you can add a pop of color with light pinks or blues, soft yellows or burnt oranges but the neutrals always photograph so nicely!
  4. Bright and Bold Recipe
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE color. I want every image to have a little bit of pop. If you’re like me and want to have a colorful outfit option, here’s what you need to remember. Don’t overdo it with too many colors and patterns. Only one of you needs to wear a pattern and bright color. Often times, black and white photograph so nicely together. Like in this image, I love those red shoes!!
  5. Ring Cleaned, Nails Done, Clear Wrists and Empty Pockets
    It’s finally time to show off that pretty ring!! Make sure to get it cleaned the week of your session so it’s extra sparkly! Ring shots are always my fav to shoot when couples are changing outfits! It’s also important to have cleaned off nails or to get them done! No one wants to be worrying about hiding their nails during their engagement shoot.

    Lastly, odds are you’re probably guilty of having a hair tie or an Apple Watch on your wrist right now. While we don’t even notice that we wear these things every day, it’s important to clear our wrists from any distracting elements. When you look back at your engagement session you don’t want to look at an image and think “Oh no! I should’ve taken off my hair tie!” Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’m always reminding my couples before the shoot to remove phones from their pockets or clear their wrists.

    These five tips are great reminders for any couple planning their perfect shoot. Engagement sessions are supposed to be fun, not a stress fest! After you’re done with your photos and still all dressed up, you might as well go out to celebrate! Make reservations and enjoy the rest of your evening after your session at a nice restaurant. You won’t regret it!!



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