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This has been a very anticipated post! For almost seven years Tee and I have been joined at the hip, and have been through a lot together. On Saturday he asked me to be his wife. I still haven’t stopped smiling!!! If you’d like to read more about our story you can read more about us here!

Last week he had been acting SOOOOO weird and I was a little suspicious! I was a little upset he wasn’t talking to me as much as usual too! Then, he kept saying he didn’t have time to see me and all this stuff so I was even more upset after that haha!!

My cousin, Courtnie and I went for a fun adventuring day on Thursday and we ended up eating at one of my favorite restaurants in Davis, Siriannis! (Which ironically was the place he was meeting my Daddy for supper) Courtnie knew all about it! Meanwhile, Tee was texting my mom and Court to get me out of Davis so I wouldn’t see him!

On Friday he went to Pittsburgh with a friend to see a Pirates game and didn’t get home until Saturday. We had planned to do some pictures of all the family and then have a picnic at my grandparents’ cabin Saturday evening. (A very special place to us)

He was late for the pictures (because he forgot the ring!!! Ahaha) And I was even more upset because I wanted some pictures of us and needed some help getting our big family photo!

We got to the cabin and were waiting for everyone to get supper ready and he said “Well Zo, I guess we can go for a little walk to catch up while we’re waiting!” There’s a small creek that flows behind the cabin with an area we always have called “the beach”.

The cabin is so special to our family and my Pappy, so I have TONS of memories there. When we were talking and walking, we came to one of my favorite little trees and right then he pulled out the ring and got on one knee!

It was absolutely PERFECT. I always said I didn’t want anything great big or spectacular because we always knew we were going to get married. (I’m telling you, I knew it when I was just 13) He chose the most perfect day and the perfect place. I’m so thankful I’ll always have it as a memory at the cabin!

We are SO excited to plan the wedding and become husband and wife next year!! I’ll try and keep everyone updated on the planning but for now enjoy these pictures 🙂


Family Pictures taken just minutes before… they all knew!!!!


Hugs from Grammy and Pappy! I was a mess, guys! SO happy!!!!

Sunday we got some “we’re engaged” pictures, thanks mom!

I am just a little obsessed with the ring!

We’re so excited to get married!!!!




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