Do You Need a Wedding Album?

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I know what you’re thinking, Zoe, do I really need a wedding album? Of course you’re going to say I need one, you’re a photographer. But let’s talk about value and investing for a second before we dive right in. Right now, you’re probably reading this on your 1000+ smartphone. Am I wrong? What if I told you my base album price is about the same cost. Now, I know you can’t browse the web when you look through your wedding album, and you can’t keep up with your best friends who live on the other side of the country, but you know what? You can invite people over to your home. You can start conversations when your guests look through your amazing album. You can reminisce about the great food you ate, the fun memories that you made that night. Or maybe you can sit down with a glass of your favorite pick me up at the end of a long day and enjoy those fond memories that come flooding back in your mind.

More than just photos

That’s right. Your wedding album is more about the feeling you get when you look back at the photos in your album than the photos themselves. How amazing is it going to feel when you can show your kids or grandkids this heirloom? It’s going to get passed down for generations to come.

A Priceless Treasure

Remember when your grandparents would get out old photo albums when you were a kid? My grandma is the best at taking her camera everywhere she and my Pappy go. Birthday parties, weddings, vacations even just a fun summer day. When I was little we’d get so excited when she’d pull out the old photos from when they were younger. It was the best looking through the life the lived. That’s exactly what your wedding album is going to do for you and your family. Capture the moment that becomes only a memory in time.

You Invest in the Photographer, why not Your Prints?

This is the big why. If you’re investing in your wedding photography experience, that experience should GET you something that you can physically walk away with. Those digital images are only going to live on your phone of device for a year or two. Then what? You’ll only have a couples prints hanging in your home to tell about your amazing day. Why wouldn’t you invest in an album that tells the WHOLE STORY?!

I’ll leave you with these last few words to sum up the importance of printing your photos in an album… I love being able to create long lasting products that will be passed down for generations to come. Yes, it’s fun to look through the album you uploaded to Facebook and let that memory pop up year after year. But when it’s all said and done, your album should become a part of your home. Signifying the beginning of a new and beautiful chapter to your story.

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    Yes!! I love my own wedding so much!!

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