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Tee is a year older than me so when it came time for his senior year, I was so emotional. I had never really had a true “best friend” in school. I was friends with everyone and didn’t fit well into any sort of “cliques”. This was something that bothered me a lot during grade school and I remember coming home crying to my mom telling her how badly I wanted to feel like I fit somewhere. She would always reassure me that some day this wouldn’t matter or that I fit just where God wanted me to be. She always knew how to make me feel better.

When I met Tee, I knew that he would be my best friend, that he would be the place where I felt like I fit. So when I knew I’d have to survive high school without him, it made me so anxious.

Thomas went off to college

After his graduation, I made sure we spent at much time as possible together that summer. The hiking, bonfires, and hanging out didn’t last long and before I knew it he was packing up and headed to WVU. He promised to come home every weekend, and he kept that promise-bless his heart! I knew God would take care of us, and he did.

My senior year was full of many highlights-my cheer squad held the title for region champions and got to perform at the state competition, I was voted homecoming queen, got the promise scholarship, was accepted to the school I applied for.

But it was also full of hardship and trials. 2016 was truly the hardest year of our lives. In early spring within one month we had lost my great grandma, an incredible teacher and our family dog. It was heart breaking, but I was reminded of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness.

A season for everything

On April 18, 2016 The Lord called Tee’s dad home. It was unexpected, heart wrenching and a huge loss for our little community. It was so hard to see my 18 year old boyfriend suffer such great heartache. I found myself at some points angry at God for taking a father from his son at such a young age.

I witnessed Tee grow up very quickly. He was broken and changed forever, and I worried that he would never be able to find joy again. So I did the only thing I knew would give him some sort of peace. I began praying. Denny’s death transformed my prayer life. I prayed on my knees daily for The Lord’s comfort and healing for Tee. I knew that somehow God would use this for His glory.

One day, we were sorting through old photos of Denny and it just hit me there. Once someone leaves this earth, the only thing you have left to remind you of their contagious smile and personality are the photographs. I didn’t know it then, but this is the reason I began pursuing this business.

Rest and Healing

I don’t believe that time heals all wounds. In fact, time doesn’t heal anything, only Jesus can do that. Through loss and hardship, it is Christ who can make you whole. This wholeness is not earthly or temporary, but eternally satisfying. To know true salvation and to feel God’s peace in your heart is the only way you can experience true healing. No, I don’t truly know what Tee has gone through because Denny was not my daddy, but I have seen The Lord work in such an amazing way.

We may never know why God calls people home when he does, but we can trust His word that tells us “for everything there is a time.”

I can say that through this dark place there is light. There is love that I’d never thought possible and there is grace and healing that is indescribable. The Lord is faithful. He is always faithful. I cannot express my gratefulness for Thomas. God has given us a love that is unlike any other and continues to bless us despite the valleys. God knew that I couldn’t live life without him.

Each morning, God brings us healing and peace. Every day, He gives us an opportunity to make a difference in this world. Hold on to those who you love. Don’t be afraid to tell them how much you love them.


Special Moments

Here are just a few more of my favorite pictures from this season of life. Despite the sadness, he has always been my reason to smile.

One of our favorite spots to hike! Lindy Point at Blackwater Falls State Park.

His senior homecoming. Such happy moments!!

Tee’s graduation! So proud!!

A few of my favorite pictures ever.

My senior homecoming when I was voted queen. I was so excited!


Every prom I made him take this photo with me… I plan to make him do it for our wedding too!


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